This wikispace has been created and designed by Year 5/6 Student's at Grant's Braes School in Dunedin.

We have created it to help educate children, teachers and parents from NZ and around the world.

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On this this wikispace you will find:

  • Facts and information about Earthquakes
  • Safety - what to do in an Earthquake
  • A little bit about us - the creators of this wikispace
  • Fault lines and what they are
  • Links to other great sites
  • Glossary of Earthquake term's found here
  • How an Earthquake is formed
  • Photos and Videos
  • What to do in a Earthquake
And much more about the Christchurch Earthquake and Earthquakes in general. Please don't hesitate to put something in the discussion page or contact us - we would love to hear your stories ......

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