• After the 6.3 earthquake that struck Christchurch, Christchurch will never be the same!
    There have been so many lives affected by the disaster, and there is so much closure still needed. We at 3 News hold out hope every day for some good news. Today is no different.
    Christchurch, we feel your pain. We want to see survivours pulled from the rubble, we want to help.
    ( From 3news.co.nz)

  • Police said up to 60 properties were being evacuated over concerns about the stability of a cliff face. It was not known how long residents would need to stay out of their homes.
  • Police said officers were contacting each affected house directly and a geologist was assessing cracks in the cliff.
  • Residents in Kinsey Terrace, Tuawera Terrace and at the bottom of Clifton Terrace are asked to proceed past the Sumner Beach Surf club and assemble in an area near the Poseidon Cafe.
  • Residents said more rocks were dislodged during this morning's tremor.
  • The evacuations at Clifton Hill came after Civil Defence closed the main road into Sumner to assess the stability of the rock face between Cave Terrace to Nayland Street.
  • Civil Defence said people should use Evans Pass via Mount Pleasant Road and Summit Road to access the area.
  • (from NZHerald)
  • John Key estimated this quake would cost about $13 billion, on top of the $6b-$7b of the first quake. The Earthquake Commission picked up about $4b, $5b would come from reinsurance and $5b-$6b through private insurance.
  • That left a shortfall of about $5b.
  • On top of that the country would have to deal with the economic ramifications of the quake.
  • -"When you see the May budget, and we haven't had any advice on this yet... it's going to have a substantial impact in two areas.
  • "One, the revenue will be reduced, we get revenue from tax, economic activity is down, less revenue coming in. The second thing is, and this is the immediate sort of outgoing, the sort of package we are announcing today and other packages they will run into the hundreds of millions of dollars over time. That costs us money that was unexpected." (NZHerald)
  • People are saying that Christchurch will never be the same.